There will be no miracles here

Botanic Garden's door from the inside / Puerta de los Botanic Gardens desde dentro

Fame the musical Kids Cast / Elenco de niños de el musical Fame

Bench / Banco

The Rose St - sky / Calle The Rose - cielo

by Nathan Coley, in front of the Dean Gallery / Por Nathan Coley, en frente de la Dean Gallery

Little bridge / Puentecito

Truman Capote no quería a Audrey Hepburn para el papel de Holly Golightly, quería a Marilyn Monroe. Audrey no supo encarnar a la Holly de Truman pero creo a otra más prudente.

A mi me gustan las dos. Y me parece que cada una es perfecta para el medio en el que es representada (libro y largometraje).

Truman Capote didn't want Audrey Hepburn for Holly Golightly's part, he wanted Marilyn Monroe. Audrey couldn't play Truman's Holly, but she created a more prundent one.

I like them both. And I think each one of them is created perfectly for the medium in which it is presented (book and movie).

"People don't belong to people"

Moon River, Breakfast at Tiffany's

Aquí no habrá milagros asique ¡más te vale moverte!

There will be no miracles here so you better move!

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  1. I never knew that about Holly Golightly, how interesting! I'm off the read the wiki right now! :)


  2. such a beautiful place! love the pics :)


  3. Gracias guapa! A mi me gusta tu pelo corto!


  4. love your blog, keep it up!
    great photos, refreshing outlook!
    thanks for sharing, come visit COSMICaroline!


  5. Nice blog! You seem to speak spanish.. Do you have anything to do with Spain?

  6. I love this version of moon river, I think it's prob one of my favorites.
    Lovely blog!